Editorial Complaints Policy

Editorial Complaints Policy

At City Roots CBD, we strive to provide the highest quality of editorial content to our readers. If you have a complaint about any of our articles, we take it seriously and want to hear from you.

If you believe that a published article contains an error, misrepresentation, or any other concern, please contact us at [email protected]. We will thoroughly review the complaint and take appropriate action, which may include correcting or updating the article, issuing a correction or apology, or taking down the article altogether.

To ensure a timely and efficient resolution of complaints, please include the following information in your complaint:

Your name and contact information
The title and date of the article in question
The specific issue(s) with the article
Any supporting evidence or documentation
We aim to acknowledge all complaints within 5 and provide a resolution within 1. If we are unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you may refer the matter to the.

We take all complaints seriously and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity and transparency.

Thank you for your interest in City Roots CBD, and for helping us to continually improve the quality of our content.